Meeting Recap: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 (Toastmaster Heroes)

posted Jun 11, 2016, 12:16 AM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club

 Dear APS Members,

Who are your Toastmaster Heroes? Is it a World Champion of Public Speaking like LaShunda Rundles, or a member giving their very first speech? Is it the President of Toastmasters International or an unsung club officer? Toastmaster of the Day Todd McKinney wanted to know, especially since APS will be electing a new team of officers at the June 9 meeting. Intrepid Toastmaster guests were Marna Murray and Jason Moore. “Intrepid” was the Word of the Day announced by Grammarian Marcelo Braga. 

A hero for Harry Aneziris was his Mother Elaine, nicknamed “The Little Mouse.” Small in physical stature, she was a giant in moral strength and she inspired Harry to be his best. Evaluator Payal Mehta noticed Harry’s strong stage presence, humor and storytelling ability. Payal suggested longer individual eye contact and relaxing mentally beforehand so that that he could appear more relaxed on stage.

 "Loose and Limber: Preventing Arthritis.” Marcia Berry’s prescription is to lose it, lose it and use it! Lose the NSAID pain relievers that deplete cartilage; lose the excess weight and use it by getting plenty of exercise. Harry Aneziris conceded that Marcia is both a health and a speech expert, and he liked the useful information. Ever the scientist, Harry pointed out that Marcia’s stated facts and measurements were not perfectly aligned.

According to Manuel Saldana, Resolving Conflict is something that every leader needs to master. The Toastmasters Leadership Excellence presentation makes clear that conflict presents both challenges and opportunities. Evaluator Marna Murray thought Manuel was well prepared but suggested holding the handout until the very end. The heat and passion of an illustrative story may have been a better way to engage the audience.

Table Topics Master Todd McKinney wanted to know about heroes. Jason Moore believes in heroes and for him it was his Father, who introduced him to Toastmasters. Marcelo Braga believes that the leaders in Toastmasters are the heroes, and Marcia Berry agrees that District Governors and unsung club officers get her respect. Marna Murray has many heroes in Toastmasters, while Manuel Saldana is going for Triple Crown champion just to see if it’s possible. Taking acting classes led Payal Mehta back in the direction of Toastmasters, while Harry Aneziris thinks there are many stars in the universe, but the heroic “avaitor” speech by David Henderson is the best he has heard from a World Champion.

General Evaluator Marcelo Braga liked the table topic questions but suggested not calling on a guest first. Marcelo praised the powers of observation of evaluators Payal Mehta and Harry Aneziris, then asked that evaluators state whether speakers met their project goal. 

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Todd McKinney

Secretary, Advanced Public Speakers