Meeting Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 (The End is Near!)

posted Jul 10, 2016, 2:36 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club

Dear APS Members,

“To make an end is to make a beginning” wrote T.S. Eliot, and Toastmaster of the Day Manuel Saldana wanted us to know that “The End is Near!” The Toastmasters year is coming to a successful end, but will the New Year bring an apocalypse? Forward looking guests were Laura Sterling, Incoming Area Director Marilyn Sampson, current Area Director Deborah Leung and guest speaker Preeti Adhikary. “Apocalypse” was the Word of the Day given by Grammarian Eloise Johnny.

In case the world doesn’t end tomorrow Manuel Saldana thought “Networking” might be a good skill to know. There are three key elements; 1) meet and mingle to create new connections 2) build a two way road and 3) stay in touch to nurture the connections. Evaluator Deb Leung liked the stories that Manuel chose, but thought they lacked the humor needed for a humorous project. Deb then suggested delivering each key element from a different point on the stage.

A press conference by the Hudson Brewing Company had Preeti Adhikary addressing a crisis. Twelve people had gotten sick from their India Pale Ale, but Preeti assured everyone that they would pay the medical bills even though it was not the company’s fault. Todd McKinney liked the well prepared exposition of the scenario and Preeti’s professional demeanor, but thought reiterating that the company would do whatever it takes to make people whole would defuse any objections by a skeptical press. 

“Be the Light” was an Icebreaker project by Lisa Qu. Lisa has older sisters, but after a one child policy was imposed in China, she felt the disappointment of her parents who had hoped for a boy. Yet Lisa doesn’t accept that she is less, and her passions include Toastmasters, fashion and Classical Ballet. Preeti Adhikary used a W.O.W evaluation technique – Wonderful, Outstanding, but the speech was a Work in Progress because it needed a more powerful, definitive ending.

Incoming Area Director Marilyn Sampson is also President of Unity East Toastmasters. A true diplomat, Marilyn said she is looking forward to working with APS after hearing so many complimentary things about our club. She then conducted an Officer Installation for 2016-2017 officers that were present.

Table Topics Master Manuel Saldana had some end of year questions. Deb Leung thinks endings are better than beginnings because you can reflect on what you did, then enjoy a new beginning. Preeti Adhikary, who will soon be moving back to Singapore and becoming an Area Director there, doesn’t actually like to drink beer, but her husband is a fanatic. Eloise Johnny believes the best networking tips are to be genuinely interested in a person, and to always keep your promises. Todd McKinney does not believe APS will ever have an apocalypse unless low attendance causes the club to self-destruct.

General Evaluator Deb Leung liked that all of the guests were warmly welcomed and that people were willing to step into vacant roles. Todd ended the meeting by presenting Deb with a certificate of appreciation for the outstanding work she has done for APS and her other Area clubs this year, earning her our nomination for Area Director of the Year.

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Todd McKinney

Secretary, Advanced Public Speakers