Meeting Recap: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 (Go Beyond Yourself)

posted Jun 10, 2016, 11:57 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club

Dear APS Members,

 "As you think, so shall you become." The words of Bruce Lee show he was able to visualize his world changing success. At APS the meeting theme was “Go Beyond Yourself.” Toastmaster of the Day Marcia Berry led the expedition, and guest travelers were Esther Jung and Kinja Dixon. “Visualize” was the Word of the Day presented by Grammarian Todd McKinney.  

 Marcia Berry explained how to “Sleep Like a Baby.” Eating relaxing foods full of magnesium and potassium really helps, but avoid eating three hours before bedtime. If you eat sugar do it earlier in the day. Speech evaluator Lisa Qu liked the useful information and Marcia’s content coordinated body language, but thought a story illustrating consequences from lack of sleep could create a dramatic moment.

The Toastmasters journey of Manuel Saldana has led to his DTM, but he feels that “The Best is Yet to Come.” Revisiting fundamentals like the Toastmasters Promise and the DCP program reveal how teamwork and a support system made it possible, because as Manuel says “I did not do it all myself.” Marcelo Braga liked the handouts and Manuel’s body positioning to illustrate past and future, but suggested making use of the entire expanded speaking area and having an emotional moment at the end.

Have you ever quit too soon?” Brian Robinson has based his contest speech “It’s Too Soon” on lessons learned when he was working to help some disadvantaged people find jobs. A Round Robin evaluation session offered many suggestions like rethinking the deceptive opening, modifying the speech title and adding the story of Brian’s own recent fatherhood. Additional thoughts were that an often used message needs uncommonly good stories and execution, and that in a color blind world there is no need to mention the ethnicity of any character.

Table Topics Master Todd McKinney wanted to find out how members go beyond themselves. Eloise Johnny believes that APS has allowed her to go beyond with impromptu speaking and with evaluations that dig a little deeper than usual. Esther Jung likes her current job in education support because she has a passion for helping students, while Marcelo Braga is inspired to go beyond when he can visualize his son’s face. For Kinja Dixon there are no limits as he now has a book and an upcoming one man show on personal development. Toastmasters is the best place for Harry Aneziris to go beyond, especially in developing listening skills. Lisa Qu is working toward her DTM but it is not just for her, it’s really about helping others. For Brian Robinson it was Les Brown and Otis Williams who inspired him to be a speaker, and Marcia Berry believes that right now is the time to go beyond, and she has begun practicing Taoist meditation. Manuel Saldana will be leaving New York soon and may grab an opportunity to work for S&P in another city.

General Evaluator Harry Aneziris complimented the prepared speeches but noted that the Round Robin went overtime. Harry also suggested personalized meeting invitations to increase member involvement. 

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Todd McKinney

Secretary, Advanced Public Speakers