Meeting Recap: Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016 (Year of the Monkey)

posted Feb 15, 2016, 10:32 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club

Dear APS Members,

In the Chinese Zodiac, it is now the “Year of the Monkey.” Taking his cue from the Red Fire Monkey, Toastmaster of the Day Derek Chen was resplendent in a fire red traditional Changshan shirt, and he wished everyone a Happy New Year. Special guests were Esther Jung, John Pastor who served as Timer, and veteran Toastmaster Robert Goodman who lent his expertise to the meeting as General Evaluator. “Zodiac” was the Word of the Day chosen by Grammarian Todd McKinney.

Overcoming many obstacles - including speaking broken English - has taught Derek Chen that all of us need to “Keep on Going.” Evaluator Robert Goodman praised Derek’s strong call to action and his engaging delivery, which included some physical positioning. Bob then suggested that using pauses to emphasize the title phrase would add to its significance and that including props like an apple were not really necessary.

Using a blackboard to illustrate his point, Harry Aneziris said he is “Lucky to be Alive” after a recent traffic accident on Long Island. Harry emerged unharmed, but the lesson for everyone is that driving is always a dangerous activity, and that one random second can make the difference between life and death. Derek Chen liked that Harry spoke from the heart with his personal story, but thought that more drama was needed to enhance the message.

Todd McKinney believes that the Lunar New Year will bring some “Lessons From a Red Monkey.” Todd just began Tai Chi lessons, learning to balance yin and yang. The message is that no matter what you do in life, balance leads to harmony and success. David Hamilton liked Todd’s vocal variety, stage presence and the story about his Father’s fear of public speaking, but suggested sharing more of his own journey and using the entire speaking area.

David Hamilton believes that “Table Topics are the foundation of Toastmasters,” and had some questions suitable for the year of the Red Fire Monkey.  Esther Jung - who recently joined Pace Toastmasters – would consider a different career because she has many diverse interests and passions. Bob Goodman does not like to be overly cautious, believing that challenges lead to a great life. Of the five elements in Chinese astrology John Pastor would choose Water, believing that it is most essential to life and health. Todd McKinney would like to be remembered for making a difference, especially by helping younger people. Derek Chen said he has only occasionally run into bad luck, while Harry Aneziris has no problems with luck saying that “even failures bring me good luck.” 

General Evaluator Robert Goodman had positive comments for APS, noting that even though the meeting started a little late, members stepped up and performed multiple roles leading to a successful result. Bob especially praised the questions and preparation of Table Topics Master David Hamilton.

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Todd McKinney

Secretary, Advanced Public Speakers