Meeting Recap: Nov. 13, 2014 (Dancing With Life)

posted Nov 18, 2014, 7:18 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club   [ updated Dec 20, 2014, 7:49 PM ]
Dear APS Members and Guests,
According to Toastmaster of the Day Jacqueline McIntyre“Dancing with Life” may sometimes require some fancy footwork. While movie stars Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers could cavort flawlessly from scene to scene, in real life most of us can get tripped up from time to time. “Cavort” was the Word of the Day, and Toastmaster friend Jorge Guano was a welcome addition to the APS Chorus Line. 

Manuel Saldana proposed a Toast to “He Who Must Not be Named.” This mysterious person – revealed at the end to beHarry Aneziris – coached Manuel with numerous speeches including preparing for higher level speech contests. EvaluatorTodd McKinney loved the element of suspenseful mystery, unusual for a Toast. He then suggested using a question or two to increase audience engagement, and having more content specific gestures just like the one excellent gesture he did use.

In “My Favorite Time,” newest APS member Bill Dwyer talked humorously about his wife and children, and his family’s Irish heritage. Bill said that his favorite time was bright and early every morning before work, when he sets the tone for his day with a vigorous swimming session. Harry Aneziris liked the humor but suggested even more, while pointing out the need to minimize the use of notes.

Derek Chen told the emotional story of “My Best Friend,” a homeless puppy he adopted during his childhood in rural China. The dog became a loved and helpful family member, but in a time of widespread famine and starvation – when people resorted to eating grass, leaves and tree bark – even a family pet could end up as someone else’s key to survival.Sheryl Berger praised Derek’s content specific gestures, but suggested more movement in the stage area would enhance the dramatic possibilities.

”Three Little Questions” is the first draft of a contest speech by Harry Aneziris. Harry is searching for the American Dream - where more things are possible than impossible. Kadisha Currie admired Harry’s relatable content and ideas, but proposed that at least one personal story is necessary to establish credibility in a speech of this type.  

Table Topics Master Pam Burke “Got the Party Started” by singing “Hip Hop Hooray” and became the star of her own show while offering dance inspired questions. Manuel Saldana said at times he can be a “Maniac,” while Kadisha Curriehas learned to “Face It” by confronting challenges. Jorge Guano would be willing to dance for the Mother Theresa charity, and Eloise Johnny to combat world hunger. Bill Dwyer said that hope is the greatest gift, while Pam herself wants to get “Footloose” by losing her self-critical comparisons to other people.

General Evaluator Eloise Johnny praised the meeting overall, but did offer a few suggestions to those not already evaluated. Table Topics respondents needed to be more expansive in the speaking area, and evaluators needed to dig deeper. Her evaluation team consisted of Timer Jacqueline McIntyre and Grammarian Todd McKinney – who reported that no one was inspired to use the Word of the Day. 

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Todd McKinney
VP Education, Advanced Public Speakers