Meeting Recap May 8, 2014 (Club Officer Elections)

posted May 18, 2014, 8:09 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 11:31 AM ]

Dear APS Members and Guests,

With APS celebrating its third anniversary and preparing for the year ahead, “Club Officer Elections” was both the meeting theme and the order of the day.  The absence of a quorum could not deter Toastmaster of the Day Rafay Khalid from fulfilling his role as election master. A quorum of current club officers had previously agreed to accept the officer vo

lunteers elected at this meeting. Welcome guests were Pauline EdwardsAntoinette CalderonSteve Brady and Justin Thomas who became the newest APS member.“Quorum” was the Word of the Day presented by Grammarian Derek Chen.

Congratulations to the APS officer team for 2014-2015!

President - Georgia Jones

VP Education - Todd McKinney

VP Membership - Marcia Berry

VP Public Relations - Christine Navigante

Secretary - APS member to be named later

Treasurer - Pam Burke

Sergeant at Arms - Jacqueline McIntyre


In “Back to the Future,” speaker Todd McKinney suggested that as the club moves into the future we should continue to look back to the founding principles of APS. Establishing and maintaining a culture of strong evaluations is just one of the challenges facing this advanced, yet ever evolving club. Evaluator Derek Chenhad kind words for the speaker and his hastily prepared speech, but suggested that the use of notes detracted from the all-important connection with the audience.

Georgia Jones told the story of “A Long Walk” she took one recent Saturday to circumnavigate the island of Manhattan on the pedestrian walkway. Fantastic amenities, beautiful sculptures, and a planned meet up with APS President Gouri Seetharam were just a few of the highlights. Eloise Johnny enjoyed Georgia’s vivid descriptions, but thought that a more liberal use of the speaking area would better illustrate the open spaces of the great outdoors.

Christine Navigante conducted a Table Topic segment that stirred some forgotten memories. Antoinette Calderon spoke fondly of learning to cook both Puerto Rican and Italian dishes, while peace loving Eloise Johnny surprisingly said that she used to pick fights as a child. Pauline Edwards found her high school graduation to be forgettable, but revealed that she received some schooling in England. Steve Bradyhumorously recalled his disappointing stay in the college dorm, while Justin Thomas learned as a child that it never paid to blame his mischief on anyone else.

General Evaluator Harry Aneziris congratulated the newly elected officers, and suggested that APS continue with our successful membership building efforts in the year ahead. He received strong back up from his evaluation team consisting of Grammarian Derek Chen and Timer Justin Thomas.


The APS third anniversary meeting will be Wednesday, May 28. Toastmaster of the Day will be District Governor Elect - and APS co-founder - Neerja Purang.



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Todd McKinney
VP Education, Advanced Public Speakers