Meeting Recap: March. 26, 2014 (Renewal)

posted Mar 30, 2014, 3:33 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 11:33 AM ]

Dear APS Members and Guests,

Members of APS met on March 26 to renew their public speaking skills in a small but intimate gathering, as the Division F contest drew some members away to compete or serve as officials. 

Toastmaster of the day Marcia Berry observed that in her experience, the best renewal and regeneration come when we can empty our minds, bodies and schedules enough to make room for new beginnings.  Only then can we experience a “renaissance” (word of the day) of creativity and energy.   One important source of renewal for any club is interested guests, which on this evening included Daria Berseneva, an employee of Chubb Insurance at 55 Water Street; Pauline Edwards,visiting from Queens Best and Talk of the Town, who just happens to work next door; Clive Tracey from 2 Broadway Toastmasters who returned for a repeat visit and served as Timer, Elena Macaluso, also on her second visit and serving as Grammarian; Maggie Torchart, who works for S&P; and Chantal.

Laurent Nicourt delivered CC Project #7, Research Your Topic, as a rehearsal for his upcoming job interview:  “A New Framework for the Policy and Strategy of the NYC DoITT.”  If he gets the job, that organization will be re-engaging its citizens in politics, hardening the city’s telecommunications infrastracture against future natural disasters, and fostering economic growth.  Evaluator Todd McKinney complimented Laurent’s high confidence and positive energy, but suggested he substitute a story for some of the facts and figures, and draw in the audience by asking them a question or two. 

Wendy Alvarez then related her Kafka-esque experience in seeking U.S. Citizenship in her entertaining speech, “Criteria for Self Definition.”  When forced to squeeze herself into too narrow a pigenhole, she responded, “It’s complicated!”  EvaluatorTim O’Donnell suggested upping the entertainment value by acting out the part of the hostile bureaucrat with vocal variety and even more body language.  He then demonstrated how to keep your hands at your sides as the default position instead of folded in front.

Todd McKinney started by getting comfortable with Visual Aids in his speech, “Club Renewal at APS,” but ended by inspiring his audience to continue making APS a club that sets the example for other clubs with its high standards of excellence.  He noted that APS has achieved a perfect 10 DCP goals for the second year of its 3-year life.  He called for members to serve as club leaders and to submit nominations for next year's slate of officers.  Evaluator Harry Anezirispraised Todd’s passion and sincerity, but wanted more visuals to really demonstrate Todd’s mastery of  CC Project #8.

Table Topics Master Jacqui McIntyre presented a series of questions in keeping with the theme of “renewal.”  RespondentsDaria BersenevaHarry AnezirisClive TraceyMarcia ChambersElena MacalusoPauline EdwardsTim O’DonnellWendy Alvarez and Marcia Berry all found fresh inspiration in the evening’s questions.

General Evaluator Harry Aneziris praised the creativity of the Table Topics questions and the flexibility of members and guests to step into roles when needed.  He noted that thanks to the leadership of APS officers and the high standards set by its membership, APS has attracted more members than any other advanced clubs in the district.

Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, April 10.


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Marcia Berry
Secretary, Advanced Public Speakers