Meeting Recap: March 12, 2015 (Mid-Year Celebration: Club Officers Appreciation)

posted Mar 27, 2015, 12:13 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club   [ updated Mar 30, 2015, 11:40 AM ]

Dear APS Members and Guests,

Club President and Toastmaster of the Day Georgia Jones did not want to wait until the end of this Toastmasters year to express appreciation to her loyal officer team, so she chose the theme  “Mid-Year Celebration: Club Officers Appreciation.” Georgia had gifts and personalized tributes for each officer; Todd McKinney, Marcia Berry, Pam Burke and Christine Navigante. Everyone had kudos for Georgia, whose steadfast leadership has taken APS to the best year so far in our brief history. Kumar Kanumilli arrived as a guest, but became the newest APS member. Immediate Past President Gouri Seetharam has recently rejoined APS even though she is still on assignment in the Dominican Republic for the U.S. Department of State. “Steadfast” was the Word of the Day presented by Grammarian Christine Navigante

Manuel Saldana used this special occasion to present an award to “True Blue” Marcia Berry. In addition to mentioning Marcia’s impressive resume of Toastmaster achievements – District 46 Table Topics Champion being just the latest – Manuel praised her contributions to APS. Evaluator Georgia Jones could not argue with the facts, but suggested that Manuel dig even deeper into a range of possibilities that may take his sincere presentation to an even higher level.

According to Todd McKinney one “Patron Saint” deserves another. Integral to APS since its inception, Georgia Jones has become our main protector and advocate. To guarantee Georgia’s safe return from a six week walking pilgrimage through Northern Spain, Todd – on behalf of APS – presented Georgia with a St. Christopher Medal. St. Christopher being the patron saint of travelers. Derek Chen agreed with the sentiment but said the speech would benefit from more individual eye contact and a climax at the finish.

The hit song “Happy” by Pharrell seems to be heard everywhere – even when you are trapped in a subway car. Marcia Berry played an excerpt and told the humorous story of a tiff between passengers that left her most happy when she was able to exit the train. Christine Navigante enjoyed Marcia’s dancing and learning a little about Pharrell, but suggested expanding the speaking area to include all available space.

Table Topics Master Steve Brady brought out the best in everyone with questions related to APS and the officer team. In the last two years Zak Niazi has gotten to know Georgia and Todd the best, and that’s why he recently followed through on his intention to join APS. Kumar Kanumilli revealed that he is a “process person,” and is now joining APS to expand his competitive speaking skills. Former APS officer Derek Chen said he has always found inspiration from APS leaders like Georgia, Marcia and Brian Robinson. Christine Navigante said she will be retiring from S&P after a career spanning 20 years. In addition to serving as an officer for APS, Christine held offices in the S&P Effective Communicators club, including President.

General Evaluator Todd McKinney found little fault with the meeting itself, only that not enough members were there to benefit from it. Georgia Jones saved the best surprise for last, and presented Todd with a special trophy for “APS Toastmaster of the Year.” It was an honor I did not expect, and one only surpassed by being an officer of APS - truly the best club I have ever been a part of.

Dear Members: Have you paid your APS dues? If not, please contact Treasurer Pam Burke immediately. You can help APS earn a $100 gift certificate! Thanks to those who’ve paid!

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Todd McKinney
VP Education, Advanced Public Speakers
Toastmasters International