Meeting Recap: January 9, 2014 (Happy New Year)

posted Jan 27, 2014, 12:30 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 11:38 AM ]

Dear APS Members and Guests,

Club President Gouri Seetharam inaugurated the New Year themed meeting, while Toastmaster of the Day Rafay Khalid offered a renewed sense of equilibrium. Welcome guests were Tatyana Gorbatyuk, Steve Brady, Jessica Pearl, Tim O’Donnell and Ivana Zgaljic. Tim became the newest APS member, and Ivana also rejoined the APS family after taking an 18 month break to earn her MBA in France. “Equilibrium” was the Word of the Day, given by Grammarian Sheryl Berger

The dilemmas posed by the “Smartphone” inspired some humorous social commentary by Derek Chen. Who is really in control of your life, you or your phone? Evaluator Wendy Reynoso liked Derek’s clever use of language and his important call to action to “reclaim your time,” but suggested that a stronger ending would have maintained equilibrium throughout.

Todd McKinney tried to instigate a “New Year’s Revolution,” calling for everyone to revolutionize their personal development by overthrowing the dictator of self-doubt. Guest evaluator Jessica Pearl praised the engaging delivery and the humorous misdirection, but would have also liked more personal stories and a simpler structure.

A presentation on the new Toastmasters “Revitalized Education Program” was offered by official education Ambassador Harry Aneziris. Harry fielded several questions and explained that while the new education program is still in its early planning stages, it will contain a two year phase in period.

In “New Year’s Resolutions – How to Fail Every Time” Brian Robinson told us how keeping New Year’s expectations low can actually be a good thing. Georgia Jones loved Brian’s ubiquitous humor but wanted more consistency in the content, a slower pace and a more definitive conclusion.

Table Topics Master Ivana Zgaljic invited everyone to peek into her palm sized crystal ball and make predictions about 2014. Christine Navigante, Steve Brady, Tatyana Gorbatyuk, Georgia Jones, Jessica Pearl, Sheryl Berger, Gouri Seetharam and Tim O’Donnell each got their chance to divine the future.  

General Evaluator Manuel Saldana had constructive comments for all Table Topics respondents and evaluators. He also praised the facilitation skills of Toastmaster of the Day Rafay Khalid who gave appropriate comments and introductions throughout.

Sheryl Berger touched all the grammatical bases with a comprehensive report, while Pam Burke commanded the room with an energetic and entertaining Timer report.

Gouri Seetharam closed the meeting by thanking Georgia Jones for the recently beautified APS Banner, and reminded everyone that the APS International Speech and Evaluation Contest will be Wednesday, January 22. Please contact Contest Chair Wendy Reynoso and sign up for roles.

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Todd McKinney
VP Education, Advanced Public Speakers