Meeting Recap: Feb. 25, 2015 (Year of the Goat: Celebrating the Lunar New Year)

posted Mar 4, 2015, 1:40 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club

Dear APS Members and Guests,

APS welcomed the Lunar New Year by celebrating the “Year of the Goat”. Toastmaster of the Day Marcia Berry was well dressed for the occasion, wearing a traditional Chinese cheongsam blouse. Marcia explained that whether you refer to this current year of the Chinese Zodiac as the Year of the Goat, Ram or Sheep, all are a correct translation of the Chinese word “Yang.” Grammarian Georgia Jones presented the Word of the Day - “amiable.” This quality is generally shared by people born in the Year of the Goat. The meeting also featured three Round Robin evaluations, as APS now has at least five members entering the Area/Division contest cycle. 

Manuel Saldana conducted a roast of Georgia Jones by stripping “All Her Secrets Away.” Manuel poked fun at how Club President Georgia once brow-beat him into completing his CC by June 30 even though he had five more speeches to go! He then revealed that even though Georgia appears to be a dedicated Toastmaster, she once missed a District Conference to attend an obstacle race where people crawl through mud puddles under barbed wire.  Speech Evaluator Harry Aneziris thought Manuel did a good job tackling the challenging “roast” format, but suggested enhancing the humor with some faux seriousness and adding more surprises.

“Just One Thing” was the Area Contest speech rehearsal by Todd McKinney. Todd described how the setbacks you experience in life may lead you to discover the best thing you ever had.

“Te Veo” is a new version of Brian Robinson’s contest speech. Brian explores lessons learned from relationships with his Father and his wife. Brian represents APS at Area 44 on March 3.

In “Welcome to Reality” Marcia Berry contrasts the vision of what we hope for with the reality that ensues. Marcia competes at the Division C Contest on April 1.

The Round Robin evaluation comments were similar for each contestant. Simplify and eliminate extraneous content, clarify the message and call to action and make sure the title is optimum.

Table Topics Master Derek Chen offered insightful questions on Chinese Zodiac and culture. Christine Navigante said that her favorite zodiac year is the rooster, which happens to be her birth sign. Georgia Jones loves steamed Chinese vegetables because the life force (qi or chi) is still intact, but Harry Aneziris resists being ordered not to eat certain foods. Two adopted children have given Marcia Berry good reason to learn about Chinese culture, while the responsibility of caring for his children has transformed Manuel Saldana.

General Evaluator Brian Robinson praised the meeting overall, especially Table Topics speakers like Manuel and Marcia who were able to reference content from speeches heard earlier in the meeting. Brian did suggest that the Table Topic questions be brief and to the point, and that respondents should include the all-important call to action, thereby involving and incentivizing the listeners.

Dear members: It is once again time to renew your membership in APS - one of the most successful, inexpensive and fun clubs in our District, where meeting roles and speaking slots are always available. Please renew by March 20 and help the club earn a $100 Toastmasters gift certificate. $40 cash can be given to any club officer, or you can pay electronically by responding to the email request from Treasurer Pam Burke. Thanks to those who have already renewed!

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Todd McKinney
VP Education, Advanced Public Speakers