Meeting Recap: May 9, 2013 (Winners Never Quit)

posted May 23, 2013, 12:49 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 1:43 PM ]

Dear APS Members and Guests,

“Winners Never Quit” was the meeting theme, provided by Toastmaster of the Day Eloise Johnny. According to Eloise the theme is universal, applying not just to Toastmasters and APS. Persistence is the key. “If you keep at it, eventually you will come out on top.”That’s something to keep in mind as we pursue our individual goals, and as APS recently achieved a Perfect 10 score in the Distinguished Club Program. Tenacious was the often used Word of the Day, from Grammarian Georgia “Tenacious” Jones

Welcome guests were Steve Montgomery, Rebecca Alexander, Tatyana Gorbatyuk and Phyllis Steinberg.

Steve Montgomery did “Trip to India – and My Bittersweet Return Home,” the Personal Story project from the Storytelling Manual. Steve gave a colorful account of his Indian sojourn, the places visited and the people he met – from whom he was hoping to gain insight into how they view success. The speech concluded with an emotional account of his Mothers’ serious illness, from which she has recovered. Speech Evaluator Gouri Seetharam praised Steve’s excellent speech and his courage for visiting India alone. Gouri also suggested expanding the speaking area, varying the voice and the pace of delivery.

“We’re Gonna Be OK” by Rebecca Alexander was the Persuade With Power project from the Competent Communicator Manual. Becky wants us to believe that whatever personal and professional challenges we face, everything is going to work out fine in the long run. It helps to lighten up, and to remember that no one is defined by the type of work they do.Rafay Khalid suggested skipping the speech introduction and getting right to the heart of the matter. Rafay also thought more definite, targeted gestures would enhance Becky’s substantial and entertaining content.

What better way to honor the best mentor and coach than to do the Presenting an Award project from the Special Occasion Speeches manual? That is exactly what Christine Navigante did with “Toscars Award Ceremony – Best Mentor/Coach.” The recipients were none other than Georgia Jones and Gouri Seetharam, Christine’s compatriots from the S&P Effective Communicators. Evaluator Marcia Berry found the praise to be praiseworthy. She also suggested being more specific about the award itself, and elevating the significance of the award by talking up the competition.

“Beware of the Dogs” was my humorous Address the Opposition speech from the Persuasive Speaking Manual. I maintained that except for dogs that perform a useful service - like seeing eye dogs, police dogs and emotional support animals (ESA) – the rest of this worthless lot have been getting a free pass. Phyllis Steinberg agreed that there was logic to the farce, but tended to side with the dogs. Phyllis also forgave me for forgetting to include the Q&A. Of course my real motivation was to persuade everyone to attend the innovative APS humorous debate - ”Should Dogs be Banned From Manhattan?”The fur will fly on Tuesday, May 21 (No Dogs Allowed.)

Tatyana Gorbatyuk provided inspiring Table Topic questions based on the theme“Winners Never Quit.” Does the end justify the means?” Not according to Georgia Jones,who believes that a constructive result occurs only when positivity is reinforced. Tatyana recalled Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” for additional inspiration: “If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve your turn long after they have gone.” Marcia Berry said that what motivates her to keep going is Fear – the fear of being a failure! Marcia said “I want to be memorable!” Leila Singh had to look no farther than APS to find leaders who have made a difference in her life: Gouri, Georgia and Marcia were mentioned as leaders who have provided inspiration.

General Evaluator Neerja Purang believes the GE should provide constructive feedback to every participant as needed. Neerja also stressed the importance of Toastmaster fundamentals like proper use of colored timer cards, and reminded us to maintain the highest possible club standards in every detail, including our proprietary APS evaluation forms.

The next APS meeting will be the special club debate Tuesday, May 21!
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Todd McKinney
President, Advanced Public Speakers