Meeting Recap: May 28, 2014 (Third Anniversary)

posted May 30, 2014, 2:53 AM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 11:31 AM ]

Dear Advanced Public Speakers,

Toastmaster of the Day Todd McKinney opened APS’s third anniversary “jubilee” (word of the day) by announcing that not only had APS achieved President’s Distinguished and Perfect 10, but we are also on track to attain the elite Club Excellence Award.  (Todd was filling in for scheduled Toastmaster Neerja Purang, who was ill.)  He then introduced roles:  Timer Deb Leung from Jade explained her role with some elegant phrasing, st

ating that when a speaker reaches their qualifying time, the green card is raised; when they reach

their target time, the yellow card goes up, and when they reach their maximum time, they will get the red card.  APS’s newest member, Steve Brady, coming to us from NYU Toastineers and Thomson Reuters Toast of Broadway, served as Grammarian.


New member Justin Thomas opened an Icebreaker by transporting the group to the inside of a subway car while he role-played a panhandler who sought money but gave back good cheer by exhorting riders to Just Smile.  He then proceeded to use research, Post-It notes, and movement into the room to convince listeners of the scientific evidence proving that happiness is contagious.


Justin’s evaluator Harry Aneziris praised Justin’s powerful body language, meticulous research, and whimsical use of props, but cautioned Justin that the material would have suited another project better, and to please remember to bring his manual.


Jacqueline McIntyre, in the guise of Groucho Marx, then took center stage, complete with raincoat, mustache, and “cigar” (a magic marker) to demonstrate that just as Groucho used to hide behind his mustache and jokes, she used to hide behind her shyness until Toastmasters changed her life.  Her “Warm Up Your Audience” project included anecdotes about her fear of public speaking and first experiences at Toastmasters.


Evaluator Derek Chen complimented Jacqueline’s acting skills, with her expressive body language, as well as her canny choice of topic and delightful costume.  However, he chided her use of notes and in a dramatic gesture, threw away his own notes to show Jackie that she’s now a good enough speaker to speak without notes.


Finally, Manuel Saldana used another humorous speech, “Make Them Laugh,” to reveal his Ultimate Goal:  to win the next humorous speech contest by hook or by crook, with his Plan A, Plan B, and so on up to Plan ad infinitum.  He began with a favorite quote by W. Clement Stone: “Always aim for the moon.  Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” 


Evaluator Marcia Berry applauded Manuel’s organization wherein he opened with a powerful quote and circled back to the same quote to sum up and close; his masterful weaving of humorous anecdote to create organic and seamless transitions, and his skillful use of body language.  But she advised that if Manuel wants to use this speech to win a humorous speech contest, he needs to practice more to avoid closing his eyes, be on the lookout for hands folded in front, and give the ending more punch.


Marcia also served as Table Topics master, posing a series of “Celebration” themed questions, with all present having the opportunity to participate, including guests DTM Mukhles Rahman, Tara Childs from NYU Toastineers, Deb Leung from Jade, and Sandro Fusco, former APS Member and Immediate Past Division C Governor, who is now living in Los Angeles.    


General Evaluator Christine Navigante praised the high level evaluations, a feature which sets APS apart from other clubs, as well as the challenging Table Topics that pushed responders to think on their feet.   


Announcements:  Our next meeting will take place on June 12, with Manuel Saldana serving as Toastmaster.  Click here to sign up here for roles in upcoming meetings.


Also, Georgia Jones is still holding lost items from the APS special April 23 workshop: The Perfect Elevator Pitch.   If you are missing a ring, an umbrella, a hat and scarf set, or a cardigan, please e-mail Georgia at




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Marcia Berry
Secretary, Advanced Public Speakers