Meeting Recap: May 21, 2013 (APS Debate: Dogs Should Be Banned In Manhattan)

posted Jun 24, 2013, 1:56 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 1:41 PM ]
Dear APS Members and Guests,

Dogs in Manhattan are safe – at least for now! That was the decision of the audience judges at our special debate meeting “Resolved: Dogs Should be Banned From Manhattan.” It appears that love conquers all, as sentiment won out over logic, science and practicality. The many guests at this well attended debate/event were treated to a display of humor and speaking talent rarely heard at any single Toastmasters meeting. 

My task as debate moderator was to keep The Dobermans and The Pit Bulls under control, as each debate team was straining at the leash to draw first blood. Debate Timers Rafay Khalid and Manuel Saldana were ready with the muzzle should any speaker go over their allotted time.

For the Resolution were The Dobermans: Marcia Berry (Team Captain) Gouri Seetharam,Eloise Johnny and Brian Robinson. The Doberman strategy was to use humor, logic and factual evidence to build their case that Manhattan is no place for dogs.

Against the Resolution were The Pit Bulls: Georgia Jones (Team Captain) Kimberly Taylor, Harry Aneziris and Michael Platania. The Pit Bulls also had humor, but their strategy was to tug on our heartstrings in order to discredit the cold, heartless Dobermans. Pit Bull Michael even resorted to showing a photo of his cute, precious pup!

The “dog that did not bark” was Sandro Fusco, having runaway from home to California with his two Italian Greyhounds. That did not stop Doberman Brian Robinson from invoking Sandro’s name, even displaying a photo of the famous dog lover and his two sleek friends.

The audience was able to participate not just as judges, a few were selected to “interrogate” the team member of their choice. Mary CropseyLen Lubarsky and Rhoundy Jones all got their licks in, pointing out weaknesses in each team argument.

Neerja Purang and Mitch Abramson counted the judges ballots. The consensus seemed to be that the Dobermans were easily distracted, while the Pit Bulls proved more tenacious. Winning team – the Pit Bulls (by more than a nose!)
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Todd McKinney
President, Advanced Public Speakers