Meeting Recap: June 13, 2013 (Club Officers Elections)

posted Jun 24, 2013, 1:57 PM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 1:39 PM ]
Dear APS Members and Guests,

The theme was Club Officer Elections, and Toastmaster of the Day Andrea King ran the meeting with her usual elegant style of diplomacy. In addition to club business the enjoyable meeting featured two advanced speeches and some special format Table Topics. A quorum of members was certified to be present, this being necessary lest the election be considered a boondoggle. “Boondoggle” was the Word of the Day provided by Word Master Rafay Khalid

Special guests were Mimi HouLindy Chen and Mukhles Rahman. I presented Mimi with a specially prepared certificate of appreciation - and honorary lifetime APS membership - for all she has done for our club this year. After Hurricane Sandy flooded 55 Water Street, Mimi coordinated with Thomson Reuters to provide us with a wonderful meeting location for the remainder of the Toastmasters year.

Derek Chen did “A Seed,” an inspirational speech from the Speeches by Management manual. Derek reminded us that a single seed – when planted in fertile soil – can become a mighty Redwood tree. “Do you remember your first speech in Toastmasters?” was a question that led to “What do you want to accomplish in your life?” Evaluator Christine Naviganteliked Derek’s content and circular speech structure. Christine also suggested introducing more vocal variety, and maintaining complete audience engagement in spite of the failure of the computer slide show.

“How to Be Bad” was a project from the Humorously Speaking manual by Marcia Berry. With stories of playing hooky from school to raiding the cookie jar, Marcia pulled out all the stops with a virtuoso performance of humor and varied speech techniques. Harry Aneziris had the difficult task of offering suggestions for improvement, but did mention possibly deepening the content by exploring the paradox of the harmful effects of telling the truth.

As a prelude to the Officers Induction Ceremony, recently elected District Lt. Governor of Education and Training Neerja Purang spoke with heartfelt sincerity about how past Division C Governor Andrea King had been an inspiration and role model for her. Neerja also recalled the inception of APS – how she and FX Charpentier had the idea of forming a club that would be a cut above average in every regard. The newly elected officers were then inducted - President Gouri Seetharam, VP Education Todd McKinney, VP Membership Rafay Khalid, VP Public Relations Derek Chen, Secretary Marcia Berry, Treasurer Georgia Jones and Sergeant at Arms Harry Aneziris.

Table Topics Master Gouri Seetharam offered an unusual truth game. In “Two Truths and a Lie,” each participant was to challenge the audience to detect which of their stories was a lie. Brian Robinson, Manuel Saldana and Mukhles Rahmaneach did their best at disguising a tall tale. However Mimi Hou found herself unable to lie and gave us three truths instead.

General Evaluator Sandro Fusco conducted a rigorous segment calling attention to the good, the bad and the not so terribly ugly. Grammarian Pam Burke gave a comprehensive “scorched earth” report where not a single person was left untouched. Timer Eloise Johnny was able to take the “kinder and gentler” approach, since only the induction ceremony had greatly exceeded its allotted time.

The next APS meeting will be Wednesday, June 26. It will be the last meeting held at Thomson Reuters.
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Todd McKinney
President, Advanced Public Speakers