Meeting Recap: July 23, 2014 (A Midsummer Toastmaster's Dream)

posted Oct 15, 2014, 8:28 AM by Advanced Public Speakers Toastmasters Club   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 11:28 AM ]

Dear APS Members and Guests,

The meeting began and ended with a poetic flourish from President Georgia Jones (Queen Titania):

"I know a Toastmasters club where wild speeches are heard,

Where leaders and great communicators grow,

Quiet over-achievers shine,

And sweet personalities, seasoned elders, and young'uns blossom through the end of time."


 Georgia Jones,


William Shakespeare wrote that “all the world’s a stage,” and Toastmaster of the Day Steve Brady (Puck-master) surely agrees. He revealed his puckish nature with his choice of meeting theme: “A MidsummerToastmaster’s Dream.” Steve assigned a stage name to each member of the cast, and he modified the agenda with a cursive font reminiscent of the sixteenth century.

Special guest stars were Kuei-Ming Fan and Clive Tracey - who also became the newest APS member. “Puckish” was the Word of the Day, presented by Grammarian Christine Navigante (The Duchess of Athens.)


Jacqueline McIntyre (Hermia) displayed her comedic skills and told of her tribulations with “Internet Dating 2014.” Evaluator Manuel Saldana (Rogue Naughty) appreciated Jackie’s stories and jokes, but suggested better speech organization, and including transitions to guide the listener.

Todd McKinney (King Oberon) shared “An Early Summer Toastmaster’s Dream,” the story of a 2009 visit to the Toastmasters Region 9 Conference in New Brunswick, Canada. Georgia Jones (Queen Titania) enjoyed theToastmasters related content but said that Todd needed a more concise introduction, and that he should make eye contact with every person in the theatre, not just those near the footlights.

In “Enemy Number One,” Brian Robinson (Nick Bottom the Weaver) inspired his audience to discover – and then overcome - the one thing that is holding them back, whatever it happens to be. Harry Aneziris (Rogue Mischief) liked the message and the strong delivery at the opening, but suggested that Brian may have forgotten his lines when a search for words near the end revealed the need for more rehearsal.

Table Topics Master Sheryl Berger (Amazon Queen Hippolyta) offered challenging questions, inviting every actor to present a monologue on their Toastmaster’s dreams. Kuei-Ming Fan revealed that his was not a dream of leisure, but to be active and doing good things. Christine Navigante (The Duchess of Athens) said that even when life doesn’t go smoothly, you still need to choose which battles you are going to fight. Derek Chen (Egeus “The Timer”) believes that Toastmasters dreams do come true, and his dream is to speak as well as Brian Robinson.

Marcia Berry (The Athenian Goddess) was not an overly harsh critic in her general evaluation. She gave kudos to all of the talented actors, but reminded a few to enhance their stage presence by using more expansive gestures. She praised the creative meeting theme, the well-prepared Table Topics and Georgia’s opening poem, suggesting that this play could have a very long run.
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Todd McKinney
VP Education, Advanced Public Speakers