Club Mission

Advanced Public Speakers: Charter

The Advanced Public Speakers Club is an advanced Toastmasters Club promoting communication and public speaking excellence by fostering a rich environment in which seasoned speakers can grow.

The Advanced Public Speakers Club is open to Toastmasters who have earned a Competent Communicator (CC) , Competent Leader (CL), Pathways Level 2 award or higher, with the prime objective of furthering their communication, listening, and public speaking skills.

The Advanced Public Speakers Club achieves this purpose by:

  1. Emphasizing advanced evaluations that foster excellence in public speaking by providing thorough, granular, and candid speeches assessments.
  2. Providing opportunities to advanced speakers to deliver speech projects that extend beyond the typical 5 to 7 minutes speaking time.

The Advanced Public Speakers Club believes that quality evaluations are imperative to help speakers grow.  As a result, the Advanced Public Speakers Club affords its members the option to receive a speech evaluation that follows a moderated roundtable format.  As such, club members who chose to, have the opportunity to receive high quality and actionable feedback to grow their public speaking skills.

With this charter, the Advanced Public Speakers Club hopes to cultivate superior communication and speaking skills, which nourishes human understanding and ultimately benefits society at large.

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